Who is this guy?

Meet Bob Garlick, the Great Idea Guy

Over the past 30 year Bob has been an artist, art director, designer, and illustrator. Bob started in the communications business many years ago as a photographer for a weekly Canadian newspaper. He was the creative director for a content service agency in Bangkok and Hong Kong. He now runs a marketing/design firm in the Vancouver area and helps small and medium size businesses excel.

Through the years, Bob honed his skills for a wide variety of clients and products in Canada, Japan, Thailand, and Indochina. He is a creative, energetic leader with the ability to work stress-free through the toughest deadlines; he brings energy to every assignment.

His consultancy, in Western Canada, helps businesses get more for their marketing budgets by providing innovative, cost effective solutions to classic marketing and communications problems.

So if you are in need of amazing ideas and someone who can pull them off contact Bob today, it’s my .tel page… Don’t know about .TEL yet? Check out this blog post from way back.

  • We offers strategic planning and marketing ideas with the ability to produce world class graphics at a reasonable price.
  • We market, brand and then provide graphic design for multinational organizations, hotel chains, airlines, publishing houses, retail establishments, high-tech and low-tech companies as well as help small businesses grow, look more professional and stay within their marketing budgets.
  • We excel in providing dynamic creative solutions to any problem you may encounter while marketing your company and products.