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Bruce Sterling Introduces New Words

Finally someone steps up and talks about the mumbo-jumbo vocabulary that is used to describe our daily dose of reality. It was all happening live today at the very cool alternative the TED talks. “Pop! Tech” has been around for … Continue reading

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When will This Go Viral?

This is a lovely video worth watching. It gets the point across and still make you smile. Powerful stuff for a market that is struggling in North America’s deep recession. This is a high production video and a lot of … Continue reading

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FaceBook Research Project

How does FaceBook decide who and what to put in your feed? Check out this article where they set up an account to research how FaceBook manipulates your content based on specific actions you take. There are some amazing tips … Continue reading

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Typical Use of Youtube to Create Content

Ok this is very funny and also painful in parts because it’s so accurate. However the real power of the piece is how most of the comments mimic the piece. This is one of the only examples of Youtube comments … Continue reading

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Esquire Magazine on Steroids

I got excited when I saw what Wired magazine did with an interactive experiment by publishing on the iPad. Well Esquire magazine has done an even better job at it and I am waiting for more publications to catch on. … Continue reading

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