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FaceBook Research Project

How does FaceBook decide who and what to put in your feed? Check out this article where they set up an account to research how FaceBook manipulates your content based on specific actions you take. There are some amazing tips … Continue reading

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The Viral Formula Revealed

I went to a great info MeetUp event the other day. It was all about viral marketing and how to get it to work. Tod Malfin gave the presentation and he covered a slimmed down client presentation PP show relating … Continue reading

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When a Commercial Becomes Entertainment

I would be great to get more ads that looked like this. The big brands have the budgets all they need is the guts to let people create concepts movies that feature there product but also entertain the audience. Here … Continue reading

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The Death of TV As We Know It

Google TV There are bunch of alternatives to TV but soon you can now get it all through companies like Google and Mac. Macs Soon to launch iTV This will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite … Continue reading

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Why Your Website Is Not Working

I think this is a great comic that sheds some light onto why most websites fail as communication devices. It’s not that the website is poorly designed (which should not happen since we have so many free or cheap templates) … Continue reading

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