Bruce Sterling Introduces New Words

Finally someone steps up and talks about the mumbo-jumbo vocabulary that is used to describe our daily dose of reality. It was all happening live today at the very cool alternative the TED talks. “Pop! Tech” has been around for several years now and as I was watching the live stream I got board and checked out some of the older presentations. Pop! Tech is  more down-to-earth and hands-on compared to TED, this is a very cool information driven presentation forum for all things new and groovy. Go here to check his video out.

Want more?

Then check out this guy. Dan Ariely on Irrational Economics.

MIT professor Dan Ariely believes that the starting point for making better decisions, particularly with financial matters, requires understanding the impulse to act irrationally.

At PopTech 2009, Ariely discussed an excerpt from his new book, The Upside of Irrationality, about the role of emotions in the workplace.

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When will This Go Viral?

This is a lovely video worth watching. It gets the point across and still make you smile. Powerful stuff for a market that is struggling in North America’s deep recession. This is a high production video and a lot of work went into pulling of this sight-gag. How could you take the same idea and produce it more cost effectively? Surprisingly it is a dormant viral video with only 6200 views to date

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FaceBook Research Project

How does FaceBook decide who and what to put in your feed?

Check out this article where they set up an account to research how FaceBook manipulates your content based on specific actions you take. There are some amazing tips and tricks if you dig through the whole think. Check out the full article here.


The more digital our daily lives become, the more perplexing the questions seem. Will the growth of social media destroy our notions of privacy? Is democracy helped or harmed by the cacophony of opinions online? And perhaps most confounding: Why does that guy I barely know from the 10th grade keep showing up in my Facebook feed?

If you’ve ever spent time on Facebook, you’ve probably pondered that last one. The social-networking giant promises to keep us connected with our friends in exchange for pumping a steady diet of advertising at us—but the algorithms Facebook uses to decide what news to pass along can seem capricious or altogether impenetrable…

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A Private View of a Sacred Place.

What I have learned in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

By Roger Beaumont

I have now been living and working in Bhutan for 14 months. I arrived from one culture (Thai) to learn another (Bhutanese), while retaining my own – English.

I have noticed that:
While the UK might be individually rich, it is collectively poor. In Bhutan it is the opposite.

Roger is our “Lost Asian Reporter” who has been given the task of reporting back to us with any verbiage he has created.  He is living in one of the most desired destinations in the world. Thanks Roger and good luck and look forward to your insight and humerus reports.
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Sending an iPhone into Space

Stratosphere Spacecraft Launched From Newburgh, NY

This is an amazing video and deserves a big thumbs up for ingenuity and fun. The things that we can create and accomplish are not all about budget and big business marketing but the core idea. A great concept is always going to be great regardless if you through millions at it or do it as a Saturday activity with the kids.

So the next time you start thinking about your marketing don’t just come up with some lame idea and through money at it. Come up with something unique and see how many people you can communicate to cost effectively.

This video had just over 45,000 views when I posted. How many will it have after you watch it? Here is a link to the original YouTube location


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